We did the initial design of this website employing strategies and insight we've gained over the years in other projects.  The clients have continued to develop it since then. Evidently the decks have been selling like hotcakes! heatherhallcardgallery.com







We made this stunning site for a gallery owner to help him with branding for his African Art collection. 


Designed a new site architecture for The Computing Technology Industry Association's. main website.


They liked the site so much they had us design an additional site for their Demand Xpertise from your ISP conference, and they kept the main site up another year.








Site sold a blood analyzing machine to Johns Hopkins Medical Center the first week up!






As a direct result of this mailing, the promotions firm added 2 new clients!

Metromail Internet Services Group and Experian, where our owner worked onsite as Webmaster. The target audience of the site was consumers, the funders, and the sponsors. Many top brand sponsors were impressed with the site and signed up.

In just one week there was a 10% increase in the number of people who got to the site and then went through to accepting an offer!











This website and book was our first big project. We sold these handmade books to people in Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, and USA.  The site is still up http://www.wfdesign.com/tc