Webbed Feet Design has been designing websites and collaborating on website and software projects since the web opened to business in 1995.   Our experience working with top companies with strategic measurable-results focus helped to shape this company. Our fine arts background is instrumental.


What can we do for you?   We are very good at optimizing websites, with a little adjusting, some work, or complete overhall, and measurably improving results.  There's a lot our clients can do themselves.
We are currently available for Design or Consulting, at an hourly rate, to optimize projects (and achieve other goals, whichever direction you're heading). contact us  
check out our portfolio BELOW and see for yourself,
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Client list
some just one website, some a series of projects or maintenence over time, or optimization  
Sysmex - blood analyzing machines (IL)
Asico - eye surgical tools (IL)
NAVS - National Anti-Vivisection Society (IL)
Orbis America's Housecall Network, Nuclear Medicine (IL)
Massage Therapy (IL)
Wizard Trading (IN)
Novus Financial Discover (IL)
Gorman CPA (IL)
Member Direct TV (VA)
InFRE.org International Foundation for Retirement Education (VA)
CBRsource.com education for real estate professionals (VA)
Francis-Noël Thomas, academic (IL)
Working English – workplace ESL training (NE)
Wu Tai Chi
sales promotion
Mill House McCabe Sales Promotions (MA)
and clients
Dunkin' Donuts
Victoria's Secret
direct marketing
Metromail Corporation
Experian (IL)
and project sponsors.
Heatherr Hall Card Gallery
Regina's Tea World
consumer goods
Allen Brothers (IL)
CR Tents (MS)
The Cosmetics Factory (NY)
Bracelets for Moms (MO)
Custom Window Lights (IL)
Carry Me Close (IL)
Metro Chicago Security (IL)
Sherlock-Inc (IL)
Civil shield (CA)
cultural groups and museums
Sons and Daughters of Italy in America (IL)
The Field Museum (IL)
strategists and business consultants
The Brain Train (WI)
The Woodley Group (DC)
Generations - speakers (CA)
WPInow - facilities management (CA)
other designers
DKC Marketing & Design Communications (IL)
Design Collaboratives (IL)
mc2 communication design consortium (IL)
Jefferson Woodworks (IL)
Cavalier Antique Lighting (IL)
Stone Specialists (IL)

The Prowlers (IL)
Vonic (IL)
Number 9 Recording Studio (IL)
Ravenslake Music Production (IL)
Hannah Frank Trio (IL)
Prism Blue  
Barrett's Hidden Agenda
Beacon James
Amazing Heeby Jeebies (IL)
Ellis Clark (IL)
Donna Frost (TN)
On Axis Music Promotions (IL)
Jazz at Big Joe's (IL)
art galleries and artists
Artnex (CA)
Cassiopeia Fine Art (IL)
Louisa Poole Merry Day Tarot (MA)
Linda Cohn (IL)
Heather Hall Card Gallery (IL)

internet service providers and computing
Millenia Internet (IL)
Zznet (IL)
WWA World Wide Access (IL)
Aplus.net (CA)
The Meme Factory (IL)
CompTIA - Computing Technology Industry Association (IL)








Our Process





Here are the basic steps:

1 Connect/find out the need
2 Direction - work out a Vision for what will be made and accomplished with this project
3 Planning/strategy
4 Creative 
5 Development 
6 Testing
7 Management - throughout, managing the process and the people, on time completion, communication
8 Promotion & Results!

design for people! 








Artist's comment: Careful and accurate observation of reality is a skill honed from drawing. Sensitivity to the subject, the tone, feeling, and concept. 
more fine art portfolio samples here








Here are 12 of our projects over the years.  For more info feel free to contact us.


award winning, popular, educational, sales


 1. http://www.wfdesign.com/tc  award-winning popular commerce e-learning animated website and book, world-wide praise.  Sold our accordion-style flip books all over the world, Swizerland, Australia, China, Canada, USA, Europe.


These days we teach in person Tai Chi classes at Chicagoland hospital clinics and in the library and park. More info 

identity, branding


2. We created this website for Cassiopea Fine Arts, an African Art Gallery in Chicago.

product sales


3. Constructed from existing advertising materials from the company. This site sold a blood analyzing machine to JohnsHopkins in it's first week up.



Our clients are Business, Medical, Financial, Educational. Early on, we produced the Novis Financial Discover website, the Nuclear Medicine section of America's Housecall Network, and designed the Asico eye surgical tools site and the Sysmex blood analyzing machines web-site.

design of a website, presentations, and mailer


4. This mailer of projects done for Dunkin' Donuts by our client, the sales promotions firm, was sent out with a letter, and resulted in several new customers for the promotions company!



member site 


6. We redesigned the main website for the Computing Technology Industry Association. 3 clicks to what the visitor wanted to do or find. They liked the site so much they kept it up a second year, and also hired us to design a site for their "Demand Xpertise from your ISP" initiative.



consulting, identity branding


Original painting. holiday card for Field Museum client.

7. Assisted them a little bit a few times.  First, consulted on choosing a web design firm for a big project.

Designed stationery, two brochures, one with a map and for the other, designed the logo.

design for musicians and fans


8. We've helped people--individuals, bands, companies, departments, in their development, and use our talents and skills to optimize their efforts.  ellisclark.com



Photography, personal branding, magnets, t-shirts, album covers, website creation, maintenance, and promotion, social media.





multiple projects to support a growing business, identity, branding


9. Logotype, website, mobile website, uniform designs, and shown, business cards, proposal/contract form, brochures. Writing and editing. Collaborating with client. stonespecialists.biz. We work with them to create holiday cards showcasing artwork by the client and get them new business each year.







multiple projects to support a growing business, identity, branding


shopping cart sites


11. heatherhallcardgallery.com Heatherhallcardgallery.com shopping cart website originally created in WordPress Woocommerce. Strategically designed.  Collaboration with our very talented artist cardmaker and programmer husband who converted everything into Bootstrap at the end. The results, the decks have been selling like hotcakes !  



shopping cart sites



January 12  ·
12. a new website our client just launched reginasteaworld.com We did site optimization Consulting and some collaboration, and some branding design on this project. Check it out if you like! Enjoy your visit, and be sure to buy some tea!
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