small businesses and entrepreneurs 
Stone Specialists (IL)
Carry Me Close (IL)
Jefferson Woodworks (IL)
Allen Brothers (IL)
The Cosmetics Factory 
Bracelets for Moms (MO)
Custom Window Lights (IL)
Jefferson Woodworks (IL)
Cavalier Antique Lighting (IL)
DKC Marketing & Design Communications (IL)
Design Collaboratives (IL)
SwURL Multimedia (IL)
The Brain Train (WI)
The Woodley Group (DC)
Generations - speakers (CA)
WPInow - facilities management (CA)
Metro Chicago Security (IL)
Sherlock-Inc (IL)
Carry Me Close (IL)
Abe's Appraisals (IL)
Black Box (IL)
The Cup House (IL)

Massage Therapy (IL)

Meadow View Orchard (PA)
Wilson Yards (IL)
Natural Incense (IL)


consumer goods
Allen Brothers (IL)
CR Tents (MS)
The Cosmetics Factory (NY)
Bracelets for Moms (MO)
Custom Window Lights (IL)
Carry Me Close (IL)


Metro Chicago Security (IL)
Sherlock-Inc (IL)
CivilShield (CA)


cultural groups
Sons and Daughters of Italy in America (IL)
African Art, Cassiopeia Fine Art (IL)
Wu Tai Chi 


strategists and business consultants
The Brain Train (WI)
The Woodley Group (DC)
Generations - speakers (CA)
WPInow - facilities management (CA)


DKC Marketing & Design Communications (IL)
Design Collaboratives (IL)
mc2 communication design consortium (IL)


new products and inventions
Louisa Poole Merry Day Tarot (MA)
Custom Window Lights (IL)
Wu Tai Chi Accordion Flip Books (IL)


record labels and music promoters
On Axis music promotion and journalism (IL)
Chicago Acoustic Underground (IL)
Superhero Audio (IL)


musicians and bands
The Prowlers (IL)
Vonic (IL)
Number 9 Recording Studio (IL)
Incidental Design (IL)
Ravenslake Music Production (IL)
Hannah Frank Trio (IL)
Prism Blue (IL)
Ellis Clark (IL)
Cleemann (Copenhagen)
Barrett's Hidden Agenda (IL) 
Beacon James (MN)
The Amazing Heeby Jeebies (IL)


art galleries and artists
Artnex, with Design Collaboratives (CA)
Cassiopeia Fine Art (IL)
Louisa Poole Merry Day Tarot (MA)
Linda Cohn (IL)
Beachglassmoments (MA)

Regina Gately (IL)
Ary Paloma Jeebie (IL)

Lady Heather Hall (IL)


The Field Museum (IL)


internet service providers and computing
Millenia Internet (IL)
Zznet (IL)
WWA World Wide Access (IL)
Aplus.net (CA)
The Meme Factory (IL)
CompTIA  Computing Technology Industry Association (IL)


promotion marketing
Mill House McCabe Sales Promotions (MA)
and clients:
Gillette, Hasbro, Dunkin' Donuts, Victoria's Secret


direct marketing
Metromail Corporation (IL)
Experian (IL)
project sponsors: 
Whirlpool, AT&T, NY Times,

Better Homes and Gardens, Disney, Wired,

Eddie Bauer, Yahoo, American Baby, 

American Express, Biosun, California Car Company, 

Carnation, Cendant Travel, Citibank,

Colonial Penn, Condenast, Daniel Publishing,

Disney Online, Disney Publishing, Domestications,

Eddie Bauer, Fairchild Publications, Faithmountain,

Freebies, Fujifilm, Gardening Made Easy,

Grolier, Harvard Business Review, Hello Direct,

JCREW, Lanebryant, Lifefitness, 

MBA Central, Meredith Publishing, Jane,

Music Marketing Network, N2K, Music Blvd.,

The New York Times, Nightingale Conant, Procter & Gamble,

Oil of Olay, OmahaSteaks, Rodale Press,

Signature Group,Times Mirror, Steinroe Young Investor, 

The New England, Worth, Wired,

Ziff Davis, Yahoo!


Sysmex blood analyzing machines(IL)
Asico eye surgical tools (IL)
NAVS  National Anti-Vivisection Society (IL)
Orbis Broadcasting America's Housecall Network, Nuclear Medicine (IL)
Northwestern Medicine (IL)
Anthony Fieder (IL)

Presence Health (IL)
Webbed Feet Design Research (IL)


Wizard Trading (IN)
Novus Financial Discover (IL)
Gorman CPA (IL)


Member Direct TV (VA)
InFRE.org International Foundation for Retirement Education (VA)
CBRsource.com education for real estate professionals (VA)
Francis-Noël Thomas, academic (IL)
Working English – workplace ESL training (NE)
The Wu Style Tai Ji Quan website and book


tai chi instruction at

Sunrise Assisted Living (IL)
The Cup House (IL)
Presence Health (IL)
Northwestern Medicine (IL)


Green Bear Footwear & Repair













of fine ART AND self-promotions





from The Jazz drawings Series. 5 years of line drawings.












home page design inspired by Charles Demuth, and Bruce Lee
this predicted our next year of clients!






our Tai Chi pop-up at The Cup House!




Irises by the Connecticut River

painting inspired by Ogata Korin 


our event included social media ads, posters, tai chi instruction, tea and scones.



check out  our tai chi education department




















our lucky Goldfish coupon 
  to go with our business cards, featured an original painting by our CEO

a great conversation starter, three big introductions, and one big new contract.
cashed in by 3 clients!

inspired by Matisse




 figure painting









our Tai Chi books  -- more info


original painting, book cover design, book design




A FEW EXAMPLES OF work for our clients




example 1 - health & medicine


projects: home page design and product pages design for this company.  Sold a blood analyzing machine to Johns Hopkins Medical Center the first month up!

For more information about this project, it's goals and it's results, please contact us!







example 2 - big brands


projects: web design of a direct marketing special offers website with a $25k sweepstakes. for marketing giants MetroMail and Experian
helped with choosing a major agency to assist.  
website was able to attract big brand sponsors with the newly toned down design.
increased site traffic and made site appealing to sponsors and visitors, pleasing the funders. 

For more information about this project, it's goals and it's measurable results, please contact us!










example 2 - international computing industry association


projects: We designed their main website and then two others for them the next year.  They liked the site so much they kept it up for a second year.





example 2 - entrepreneurs


Small business design support and consulting.


projects:  With this small business we've designed uniforms, proposal forms, invoices, business cards, brochure, ads, and websites.  also assistance with holiday cards. writing and editing.







example 3 - record label

projects: image consultant, website and branding  for a number of bands and visual and musical artists.  

The first band shown here has played at House of Blues and many other Chicago venues, and the second female front woman is backed by members of grammy nominated Liquid Soul, and plays often, to large crowds, at chicago and suburbs. 


We collaborated closely with each artist to support their careers, creating branding, image, magnets, technical support, maintenance, and  websites.



samples shown here -- Hannah Frank  and Amazing Heebie Jeebies





example 4 - museum


projects:   consulting, stationery, two brochures and a logo


Consulted to help them choose a web design firm for a project, then designed stationery, logo, brochures, for them.  The sunflower paintings were our holiday cards for our clients. (self-promotional, gifts)


for our client at the Field Museum of Chicago




example 5 - artist




We created a wordpress shopping cart website in woocomerce

for an artist and cardmaker in the SCA  Society for Creative Anachronism, showcasing her 36 decks.

also did the layout in illustrator of two card decks with this artist, preprint.













If you have a dream, well then -- Do We have a Process for YOU!  


Maybe we can use our technology and talents, and processes to bring it to life.  



Happy to do just a bit of a project, to maximize it's effectively, or whatever is needed.  We work with other artists, inventors, entrepreneurs, and People!  

Vision - Planning - Creative - Development - Testing - Project Management  - Results!   










We make wonderful products
and get measurable results
- with our clients!   

What's YOUR dream?  what's your goal?  A new job? a product launch? we're happy to help.  give us a call.   let's see what we can do.


(If you'd like to see additional samples related to your specific industry or goal, please don't hesitate to ask!)






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