Webbed Feet Design was founded in 1995. In the last 22 years we've designed websites for some of the biggest and smallest companies, for museums to musicians.  We have a goal oriented, strategic approach to design--a step-by-step process that works--time and time again. how do we do it   






small businesses and entrepreneurs 
Stone Specialists (IL)
Carry Me Close (IL)
Jefferson Woodworks (IL)
Cavalier Antique Lighting (IL)
Stone Specialists (IL)
Allen Brothers (IL)
The Cosmetics Factory 
Bracelets for Moms (MO)
Custom Window Lights (IL)
Jefferson Woodworks (IL)
Cavalier Antique Lighting (IL)
DKC Marketing & Design Communications (IL)
Design Collaboratives (IL)
SwURL Multimedia (IL)
The Brain Train (WI)
The Woodley Group (DC)
Generations - speakers (CA)
WPInow - facilities management (CA)
Metro Chicago Security (IL)
Sherlock-Inc (IL)
Carry Me Close (IL)
Maureen Flowers (IL)
Abe's Appraisals (IL)
Black Box (IL)
The Cup House (IL)

Massage Therapy (IL)


Sysmex blood analyzing machines(IL)
Asico eye surgical tools (IL)
NAVS  National Anti-Vivisection Society (IL)
Orbis Broadcasting America's Housecall Network, Nuclear Medicine (IL)
Northwestern Medicine (IL)
Anthony Fieder, Presence Health (IL)


Wizard Trading (IN)
Novus Financial Discover (IL)
Gorman CPA (IL)


Member Direct TV (VA)
InFRE.org International Foundation for Retirement Education (VA)
CBRsource.com education for real estate professionals (VA)
Francis-Noël Thomas, academic (IL)
Working English – workplace ESL training (NE)
The Wu Style Tai Ji Quan website and book

promotion marketing
Mill House McCabe Sales Promotions (MA)
and clients:
Gillette, Hasbro, Dunkin' Donuts, Victoria's Secret


direct marketing
Metromail Corporation (IL)
Experian (IL)
and project sponsors: 
Whirlpool, AT&T, NY Times, Better Homes and Gardens,Disney, Wired, Eddie Bauer, Yahoo, American Baby, American Express, Biosun, California Car Company,

Carnation, Cendant Travel, Citibank, Colonial Penn, Condenast, Daniel Publishing, Disney Online, Disney Publishing, Domestications, Eddie Bauer, Fairchild

Publications, Faithmountain, Freebies, Fujifilm, Gardening Made Easy, Grolier, Harvard Business Review, Hello Direct, JCREW, Lanebryant, Lifefitness, MBA Central, Meredith Publishing, Jane, Music Marketing Network, N2K, Music Blvd., The New York Times,

Nightingale Conant, Procter & Gamble, Oil of Olay, OmahaSteaks, Rodale Press, Signature Group,Times Mirror, Steinroe Young Investor, The New England, Worth, Wired, Ziff Davis, Yahoo!


consumer goods
Allen Brothers (IL)
CR Tents (MS)
The Cosmetics Factory (NY)
Bracelets for Moms (MO)
Custom Window Lights (IL)
Carry Me Close (IL)

Metro Chicago Security (IL)
Sherlock-Inc (IL)
Civil shield (CA)


cultural groups
Sons and Daughters of Italy in America (IL)
African Art, Cassiopeia Fine Art (IL)
Wu Tai Chi 


strategists and business consultants
The Brain Train (WI)
The Woodley Group (DC)
Generations - speakers (CA)
WPInow - facilities management (CA)


DKC Marketing & Design Communications (IL)
Design Collaboratives (IL)
mc2 communication design consortium (IL)


new products and inventions
Louisa Poole Merry Day Tarot (MA)
Custom Window Lights (IL)
Wu Tai Chi Accordion Flip Books (IL)


record labels and music promoters
On Axis music promotion and journalism (IL)
Chicago Acoustic Underground (IL)
Superhero Audio (IL)


musicians and bands
The Prowlers (IL)
Vonic (IL)
Number 9 Recording Studio (IL)
Ravenslake Music Production (IL)
Hannah Frank Trio (IL)
Prism Blue (IL)
Earwig Spectre (IN)
Ellis Clark (IL)
Cleemann (Copenhagen)
Barrett's Hidden Agenda (IL) 
Beacon James (MN)
Incidental Design (IL)
The Amazing Heeby Jeebies (IL)


art galleries and artists
Artnex, with Design Collaboratives (CA)
Cassiopeia Fine Art (IL)
Louisa Poole Merry Day Tarot (MA)
Linda Cohn (IL)
Beachglassmoments (MA)

Regina Gately (IL)
Ary Paloma Jeebie (IL)

The Field Museum (IL)


internet service providers and computing
Millenia Internet (IL)
Zznet (IL)
WWA World Wide Access (IL)
Aplus.net (CA)
The Meme Factory (IL)
CompTIA  Computing Technology Industry Association (IL)



Our founder, Rima Dawn McCabe.  facebook.com/rima.mccabe

Need help starting a company? Maybe we can help you. 

I love to help people do the work they were meant to do. It seems to make them so much healthier and happier. Sometimes that has meant helping with resumes, cover letters, grant proposals. Other times, a presentation. Help with choosing a vendor or support. Advice on what additional specialists might help. Check out our client list below and portfolio on this page. My company offers design and consulting services, for many different purposes. If you have a passion and a dream, we'd love to put out talents and experience to work for you. 
Our website is webbedfeetdesign.com   In the past 23 years we've worked with a range of types of people. Who have something to do with their iives, and want. need. Real results.


article on innovative Chicago businesses from Crain's Chicago Business

Rima Dawn McCabe - Founder, owner, CFO, designer, Art Director, Tai Chi Instructor, Chief Researcher, Business Consultant

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Some recent projects:





December 2016 
We recently created and promoted a one month event, Tai Chi at The Cup House Massage Parlor, and Julie McCabe taught 15 classes, in 5 weeks, and served tea.

pictures and video from The Cup House follow.


Chicago, IL - Northwestern Medicine Clinic, Ontario St.  Wed. 2:30-3:30  
Fall 2016 12 week session completed. New 12 week session started Jan 4, 2017
February 1, 2016 Julie did a demonstration for the Winter Party at Northwestern Medicine. thanks to student Diane for helping teach the room full of people!  5 new students have signed up so far!


Westchester, IL - Presence Health Drop-In Center, Roosevelt Rd.  Tues. 2-3  
Fall 2016 12 week session completed.  New 12 week session started Jan 3, 2017
January 24, 2017 There were six students, breaking previous records! thanks to Salvatore and Linda for all your work promoting the class!


Those who practise regularly see improved muscle tone, increased agility, better balance, better focus and thinking ability, learning ability, memory, mind-body connection, centeredness, energy, and much more!  






Julie McCabe, Dec. 2016 at The Cup House. 


December 2016

This was our most successful ad on Legit Hustle Chicago and suburbs!



Congratulations to Jawan for earning the scholarship - coming to 2/3 of the classes, and all the regular classes at Northwestern Medicine, and practising! Fantastic to see how much you improved! You are getting the whole form!!

it was nice of you to put up posters for the class too.


Much appreciation to The Cup House, Cordelia and Nick, and all of our students who braved the cold to come do Tai Chi with us this December.  Jawan, Hannah, Regina, Dave, Emma, Dean, John.



Our tai chi products  website, book, music, live instruction


online tai chi instruction

from Webbed Feet Design Education

$0 wfdesign.com/tc  free!
includes simple, clear instruction, showcasing the diagrams used by the founder of Wu Tai Chi, an instructors list on all continents


accordion style tai chi books

from Webbed Feet Design Education

$150 covered SOLD OUT,  $60 uncovered
 The complete 108 move Wu style tai chi form, in a pocket book


tai chi music

from Webbed Feet Design Education

check out our custom created tai chi music!
class accompanying music cd now available for sale!!!  6-26-17
need sound to create a certain mood? our Sound Design team does custom work! inquiries welcome.

tai chi instruction

from Webbed Feet Design Education

12 week session. 1 hr  per class.  
Our Tai Chi instructor Julie is available to come to your location - school, senior center, chiropractic office - in Chicagoland area.  She is already teaching at Presence Health and Northwestern Medicine on Tues and Wed. Thurs, Friday and Monday are possible days. see above for more pictures, video, etc Private lessons available.

Plan for Tai Chi classes  
started Tues. Sept 12 at Presence Health  
Wed. Sept.13 at Northwestern Medicine  2017

12 weeks  - sept, oct, nov

1 learn to bow, 1st move.  Three ways.  8x is one min a day 

2 1st 8 moves, closing move

3 1st section – walks

4 2nd section – kicks

5 cloud hands

6 3rd section – golden rooster

7 4th section – crescent kick

8 5th section – ending

9 push hands   bow in ___bow out

10 bagua day: tea cup, walk the circle, bear, propeller

11 1st 8 moves, closing move

12 1st move

Structure of each class (same as last year)

Start on time
Bow at door – to dojo
Move furniture
Bow in
The form. 12-20 mins, 1 min stillness, rub face
Any questions, scheduled focus (above)
Twisting sit
Bow out 
Move furniture back 
Bow at door to dojo
End 5 mins early

recent work

October 2016
Our design team launched a new website this week! 



September 2016 
 Curated and put up a client's artwork on an art website...
check it out!

September, November 2016
Recently updated some of our musician clients' websites
with show posters, and added a shopping cart to this one-- 

there's T-shirts and records for sale!  ellisclark.com

August 2016
This was one of our very first websites. http://www.wfdesign.com/tc 

Our Art Director is now teaching Tai Chi at two places!

September 2016
Working with our sound designer on Tai Chi music.
Customized tempo and tone, and
exceptional musician artistry.


tai chi music

from Webbed Feet Design Education

check out our custom created tai chi music!
class accompanying music cd available for sale  6-25-17
need sound to create a certain mood? our Sound Design team does custom work! inquiries welcome.


The  music is used currently
in classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, at
Presence Health and Northwestern Medicine.  
12 week classes started September 14, 2016.  
New summer sessions started first week of June and go through August 2017

October 2016
Designed business cards for a new client!
Anthony is going to be on 60minutes in 2017!!!

January 2017
We created this tool in 2003.  This month we decided to offer the product to the public...
It's a circular slide rule -- an analog computer : )


NEW life reading  

from Webbed Feet Design Research.  

$130 per 50 min. session. Based on years of research, we have discovered formulas and designed tools, to make personalized Identity charts which can be used as a guide to help you in building or rebuilding your functionality. Can be used with your Life Coach and to coordinate your network of support.  We don't design people. But we can help you see what your talent and skills are, and give you a map,  




February  2017



Our first coupon!! Three people have redeemed them so far!  The goldfish is good luck, so even if you don't turn the coupon in for design and consulting services, you get a little bit of art, and a little bit of luck, from us, at Webbed Feet Design.   

$25 off design and consulting. expires 6/30/17



March 2017








Would you like some tea?  

Love to meet with you, and find out more about your hopes and dreams and passions.  Maybe we can use our talents and skills and experience, and process, to support you in acheiving some of your goals.  Some of the most rewarding talks of my life have been discussing with people what their problems are, and coming up with some excellent vision, goals for a product and it"s results, that will work. In all the ways it needs to.  Our team of multi-talented artists and technology experts - are ready and eager to support your cause.  To put in work. To get inspired and invest fantastic energy.  And help you. Make it happen.  We do it -with- you.