"THE TULIPS"  BY RIMA DAWN McCABE  feb 2015   in collection of Allen Mawell



do you go with the flow?  do you have a vision?   get results?  pretty? likable? harmonic?  what are you reaping.  what have you planted?

gear up. get with the program.  backup. dot every i cross every t.  my mother's words.   talk like a computer?  pretty futuristic for sure.  
a track record of results'   my father's words.  


and me, often I'd rather the client, or even the pictures, speak for themselves, when you are making things real. or allowing people to be who they really are.

Well, there's the Art. And there's practise.  Design, of course process.  Here's a little on both.  Sometimes the fragments of a life come in pieces, and building/repairing is a discovery endeavor.  




and then there are the PEOPLE.  



hi, John!

(photograph by John Peters, who used to be our intern)

fall 2018




summer 2019

july 2017

fall 2019

does life imitate Art?  or is it the other way around. don't answer, maybe the photos speak for themselves.

Jan 2020

Project Manager.  

and YES! we have a tried and true design process.  
based on the ancient Chinese Tai Chi and Bagua -- with stones my father collected and polished, on the beach in Marblehead Massachusetts-- it's an engineering process that keeps everything on track and creates real results,    and I didn't dream it up.  It was created through a colaboration,  and based on solid foundations. Ancient Wisdom, Geometry, and Principles. Refashioned and repurposed for our collaborative design work here at Webbed Feet Design.    

proud?  maybe a little!  : >   It works. that's the important thing.  



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"in just 7 days I can make you a Man"  --Rocky Horror Picture Show.
always fascinated with human development and transformation!!!



This was created to be our company homepage fall of 2016, and the next year, all of the clients were foretold by this.  (!)

Heatherhallcardgallery.com, Tai Chi at the Cup House, and then Presence Health, and Northwestern Memorial Hospital Stone Clinic, MeadowviewOrchards.com, and the AmazingHeebyJeebies.com     Like, WOW.  

..couldn't have planned it.  even with all the damn planning we designers do....



go with the flow, grasshopper.  come round full circle.  put your toys away when you are done playing.  and this time, the apple pie from this still life was delicious!