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Our founder, Rima Dawn McCabe. 


12-28-17 The year went so fast! actually, this quarter century flew by. well.. slowly. highlights.  Check out some of people we worked with and what we've been up to recently  here.  

Mostly been teaching and practising Tai Chi, painting, tutoring little kids, and designing websites for mobile.
Launched our new department: Webbed Feet Design - education  Where we teach the art of Tai Chi. Used our identity research project maps, and it helped with form and functionality, and everything else. our company facebook page

We get results for our clients!  check out our projects  (password is 'projects')





Introducing... our new department:






We teach basic computer skills, math, reading, art.    We collaborate with our clients, and in empowering them, they often learn new things, technology, web design related.

We teach people how to measure their windows and order. How to use interfaces, by desiging usable interfaces.  
and we teach Tai Chi.  We do the lesson plans.  Set up for sitters, and beginners to start at any time.  

We design Tai Chi websites, books, music, and courses.  We promote our classes with posters, through social media, and by word of mouth.  





Plan for Tai Chi classes  

started Tues. Sept 12 at Presence Health  
Wed. Sept.13 at
Northwestern Medicine  2017

12 weeks  - sept, oct, nov

1 learn to bow, 1st move.  Three ways.  8x is one min a day 

2 1st 8 moves, closing move

3 1st section – walks

4 2nd section – kicks

5 cloud hands

6 3rd section – golden rooster

7 4th section – crescent kick

8 5th section – ending

9 push hands   bow in ___bow out

10 bagua day: tea cup, walk the circle, bear, propeller

11 1st 8 moves, closing move

12 1st move

Structure of each class (same as last year)

Start on time
Bow at door – to dojo
Move furniture
Bow in
The form. 12-20 mins, 1 min stillness, rub face
Any questions, scheduled focus (above)
Twisting sit
Bow out 
Move furniture back 
Bow at door to dojo
End 5 mins early



December 2016 

We recently created and promoted a one month event, Tai Chi at The Cup House Massage Parlor, and Julie McCabe taught 15 classes, in 5 weeks, and served tea.
pictures and video from The Cup House follow.







Julie McCabe, Dec. 2016 at The Cup House. 


December 2016

This was our most successful ad on the social media group - Legit Hustle Chicago and suburbs!



Congratulations to Jawan for earning the scholarship - coming to 2/3 of the classes, and all the regular classes at Northwestern Medicine, and practising! Fantastic to see how much you improved! You are getting the whole form!!

it was nice of you to put up posters for the class too.








Our tai chi products  website, book, music, live instruction


online tai chi instruction

from Webbed Feet Design Education

$0  free!
includes simple, clear instruction, showcasing the diagrams used by the founder of Wu Tai Chi, an instructors list on all continents


accordion style tai chi books

from Webbed Feet Design Education

$150 covered SOLD OUT,  $60 uncovered
 The complete 108 move Wu style tai chi form, in a pocket book


tai chi music

from Webbed Feet Design Education

check out our custom created tai chi music!  
need sound to create a certain mood? our Sound Design team does custom work! inquiries welcome.

tai chi instruction

from Webbed Feet Design Education

12 week session. 1 hr  per class.  
Our Tai Chi instructor Julie is available to come to your location - school, senior center, chiropractic office - in Chicagoland area.  She is already teaching at  Northwestern Medicine on Wednesdays. Tues, Thurs, Friday and Monday are possible days. See above for more pictures, video, etc Private lessons available.

tai chi info

from Webbed Feet Design Education

leave behinds. accordion fold first 8 moves.  with website address and instructor contact info


December 15, 2017


so, the blue items they know. we do them EVERY class. 
-opening move. 
-strum the lute and grasp birds tail. 
-single whip.

I will work on the red items with them. it's supposed to be confusing. especially to the viewer. but once you know it, and you are doing it real slow, like in your sleep, it's really comforting. complex, but the same each time. a little different, each additional time through. 
It's a fun puzzle, I think. well, it's hard to convince my 1st grader that i tutor that math is fun too. 
it's the transitions that aren't remembered. invisible in a sense. but that's so cool, eh? part of what's so neat about tai chi. the parts you don't remember, even though you've done it again and again. wake up to these sections, and learn it. and then you can go back to sleep, when you do it. workin the subconscious. tee hee



This is what we said on our posters:


Those who practise regularly see improved muscle tone, increased agility, better balance, better focus and thinking ability, learning ability, memory, mind-body connection, centeredness, energy, and much more!  

Here's what really happened:

Results!  one student can now balance on one leg, and turn gracefully. she used to have to use a walker.  another student began exercising with our class after many yrs of being sedentary. he lost 85 lbs.  students say it helps arthritis, and mind body coordination after a brain injury. another student learns tai chi to add to his other martial arts training.  doing tai chi daily helps with depression, giving the person energy flow.  it also helps with lymphatic problems and other circulation issues.  one student says it helps her remain calm where she used to fly of the handle. another feels noticably better after a class, when he felt awful, physically and emotionally, prior.



news and events

October 2016
Our design team launched a new WordPress website this week, redesigning the site we made for them in 2008, optimized for phones!

notecard. work on paper.  Rima Dawn McCabe.  spring 2015

September 2016 

 Curated and put up a client's artwork on an art website... check it out!

September, November 2016
Recently updated some of our musician clients' websites
with show posters, and added a shopping cart to this one-- 

there's T-shirts and records for sale!

October 2016
Designed business cards for a new client, in health care!
Anthony is going to be on 60minutes in 2017!!!

 works on paper.  Rima Dawn McCabe.  summer 2016 

March 2017

January 2018
We created this tool in 2003.  This month we decided to offer the product to the public...
It's a circular slide rule -- an analog computer : )

NEW life reading  

from Webbed Feet Design Research.  

$130 per 50 min. session. Based on years of research, we have discovered formulas and designed tools, to make personalized Identity charts which can be used as a guide to help you in building or rebuilding your functionality. Can be used with your Life Coach and to coordinate your network of support.  We don't design people. But we can help you see what your talent and skills are, and give you a map,  


And, enough about us!   Tell us about YOUR project!


Would you like some tea?  




Webbed Feet Design

Form and Function
our designed products 
password is "projects"!

real results, for businesses, individuals, and their audiences, fans and members, and/or clients.  


The company we keep.
our clients

If you have a project in mind, click here for our START-UP FORM, or give us a call!


Webbed Feet Design - education

sound mind in a sound body - to your health!
Tai Chi
books, websites, music, instruction
basic computer skills
math and english and art
innovation-tools for healing
Our research project
how are you wired?

creative process and identity