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 well, there was a genie.  who lived in a bottle.  and if you rub it, she comes out and grants wishes.  no wait, that's not how the story goes... it was a llamp. and a man genie, and ....  ok.  yeah.  this has nothing whatsoever to do with our story.  But should we start with 'once upon a time"?   it's not really fiction.  Well, it all WAS. before we made it. REAL.   it's called Envisioning.   and Creating.  and brushing your teeth, so the tooth fairy knows you deserve that cash money.  oh dear.  no, that' snot it.   So...blither blather,   here goes nothing.


Create. Repair. lather rinse. repeat.  and so the shampooing goes.  do you buy the bottle? the potion? or clean hair...

I suppose that's a marketing question.   who cares.  well, We do.  A little. 

full circle. and now it's time to go home....




Webbed Feet Design

Website Design, Fine Art, Design
headquarters in Chicago, IL USA

established May 1995

 practise and process 




our other departments:

Webbed Feet Design - education

Tai Chi accordion style flip books, sold world wide.  award winning website, fb page of videos, current info on healing with tai chi

Provide Tai Chi Instruction for healing, at clinics and hospitals in Chicago and suburbs.  more info


Webbed Feet Design's Research Project  

 -for the most part, top secret...we use this in everything we do --

we've invented and repurposed - tools, charts, processes, - researching the ancients, other designers, and people


Eggs to Apples  Fuel for your Life

a fb photo blog

based on systems and principles and charts  from the Webbed Feet Design Research Project



Green Bear Footwear Repair

repair for your shoes and your life
 how we do it?   teaching Tai Chi to homeless, mentally ill, alcoholics, stroke survivors, ms patients, fybermyalgia, arthritis, and modeling diet choices, as well as diagramming and explaining the basics of the work of our research project, to help them with their own person life repair endeavors...  but, we've always been about that...

hiring, training and developing our team.  including computer skills, and assistance with financial planning....
resumes that got clients jobs, one got a grant from the government, with our help and another a new job that paid a third more! 
We also analyze actual shoes, and sometime suggest a new pair, or admire the wear on a set on shoes used for daily tai chi practise, for instance. This is your life, this is where you've walked. This is shown on your face, and your shoes.


Green Bear Footwear

a tiny little shoebox division of Webbed Feet Design, coming soon!
concept shoes for now, potentially to be constructed by our friend in Lagos.  a few details to iron out. 











Sysmex blood analyzing machines(IL)
Asico eye surgical tools (IL)
NAVS  National Anti-Vivisection Society (IL)
Orbis Broadcasting America's Housecall Network, Nuclear Medicine (IL)
Northwestern Memorial Hospital Stone Clinic (IL)
Anthony Fieder (IL)

Presence Health (IL)
Webbed Feet Design Research (IL)


Wizard Trading (IN)
Novus Financial Discover (IL)
Gorman CPA (IL)


small businesses and entrepreneurs 
Stone Specialists (IL)
Carry Me Close (IL)
Jefferson Woodworks (IL)
Allen Brothers (IL)
The Cosmetics Factory 
Bracelets for Moms (MO)
Custom Window Lights (IL)
Jefferson Woodworks (IL)
Cavalier Antique Lighting (IL)
DKC Marketing & Design Communications (IL)
Design Collaboratives (IL)
SwURL Multimedia (IL)
The Brain Train (WI)
The Woodley Group (DC)
Generations - speakers (CA)
WPInow - facilities management (CA)
Metro Chicago Security (IL)
Sherlock-Inc (IL)
Carry Me Close (IL)
Abe's Appraisals (IL)
Black Box (IL)
The Cup House (IL)

Massage Therapy (IL)

Meadow View Orchard (PA)
Wilson Yards (IL)
Natural Incense (IL)

TMJfootwearLTD (Nigeria)


consumer goods
Allen Brothers (IL)
CR Tents (MS)
The Cosmetics Factory (NY)
Bracelets for Moms (MO)
Custom Window Lights (IL)
Carry Me Close (IL)


Metro Chicago Security (IL)
Sherlock-Inc (IL)
CivilShield (CA)


cultural groups
Sons and Daughters of Italy in America (IL)
African Art, Cassiopeia Fine Art (IL)
Wu Tai Chi 


strategists and business consultants
The Brain Train (WI)
The Woodley Group (DC)
Generations - speakers (CA)
WPInow - facilities management (CA)


DKC Marketing & Design Communications (IL)
Design Collaboratives (IL)
mc2 communication design consortium (IL)


new products and inventions
Louisa Poole Merry Day Tarot (MA)
Custom Window Lights (IL)
Wu Tai Chi Accordion Flip Books (IL)


record labels and music promoters
On Axis music promotion and journalism (IL)
Chicago Acoustic Underground (IL)
Superhero Audio (IL)


musicians and bands
The Prowlers (IL)
Vonic (IL)
Number 9 Recording Studio (IL)
Incidental Design (IL)
Ravenslake Music Production (IL)
Hannah Frank Trio (IL)
Prism Blue (IL)
Ellis Clark (IL)
Cleemann (Copenhagen)
Barrett's Hidden Agenda (IL) 
Beacon James (MN)
The Amazing Heeby Jeebies (IL)


art galleries and artists
Artnex, with Design Collaboratives (CA)
Cassiopeia Fine Art (IL)
Louisa Poole Merry Day Tarot (MA)
Linda Cohn (IL)
Beachglassmoments (MA)

Regina Gately (IL)
Ary Paloma Jeebie (IL)

Lady Heather Hall (IL)


The Field Museum (IL)


internet service providers and computing
Millenia Internet (IL)
Zznet (IL)
WWA World Wide Access (IL) (CA)
The Meme Factory (IL)
CompTIA  Computing Technology Industry Association (IL)


promotion marketing
Mill House McCabe Sales Promotions (MA)
and clients:
Gillette, Hasbro, Dunkin' Donuts, Victoria's Secret


direct marketing
Metromail Corporation (IL)
Experian (IL)
project sponsors: 
Whirlpool, AT&T, NY Times,

Better Homes and Gardens, Disney, Wired,

Eddie Bauer, Yahoo, American Baby, 

American Express, Biosun, California Car Company, 

Carnation, Cendant Travel, Citibank,

Colonial Penn, Condenast, Daniel Publishing,

Disney Online, Disney Publishing, Domestications,

Eddie Bauer, Fairchild Publications, Faithmountain,

Freebies, Fujifilm, Gardening Made Easy,

Grolier, Harvard Business Review, Hello Direct,

JCREW, Lanebryant, Lifefitness, 

MBA Central, Meredith Publishing, Jane,

Music Marketing Network, N2K, Music Blvd.,

The New York Times, Nightingale Conant, Procter & Gamble,

Oil of Olay, OmahaSteaks, Rodale Press,

Signature Group,Times Mirror, Steinroe Young Investor, 

The New England, Worth, Wired,

Ziff Davis, Yahoo!


Member Direct TV (VA) International Foundation for Retirement Education (VA) education for real estate professionals (VA)
Francis-Noël Thomas, academic (IL)
Working English – workplace ESL training (NE)
The Wu Style Tai Ji Quan website and book


Tai Chi instruction at

Sunrise Assisted Living (IL)
The Cup House (IL)
Presence Health (IL)
Northwestern Memorial Hospital Clinic(IL)

A PAGE OF SNAPSHOTS FROM THE TAI CHI TEACHING at these and other locations  1




Did Wendy sew Peter's shadow on yet?   I'm not sure why but I remember she was using soap.   no it was peter using that soup. 

if you believe in fairies,   then will they be real?  I don'tt know. I don't know.   might be worth a try.  Santa's elves might help out, you know.
If you want something made or done.       ...





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