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We specialize in website design.
We focus on getting results for our clients.

We do it on time, on target, and on budget.

We have the skill set.
We have the experience.
We really want to work with you.
We're excited to do your project.

What more could you ask for?
Oh, we've got taste and talent too!
But don't take our word for it . . . see for yourself! 


Since the web opened for business in 1995,  we started out focusing on web design, infused with fine art, and innovated as we went. These days, our offerings are more varied, we offer start-up consulting, website design, business cards and forms design. We also design books, book covers, presentations, portfolios, resumes, uniforms and more. More often for individuals, these days, less often for large corporations. But it varies.


We love to help people do what they were meant to do. What they love to do. 

(not sure what that is?  we can help you with that!  we have devised a system to find out about human potential!!!  secret research project )

You need a business card to do that?  We can help you with that. 
  a cool magnet, or coupon, or other leave behind?  Yes. we've done it, we do it. let's do it!

You need a company built around your passion?  We may be able to help you with that too. 

  • Portfolio of your work, to show on an interview or at a proposal?  
  • a quarter turn -- or complete overhaul -- of your life story. Resume?


 We do as much or as little as our clients need. 

  • Consulting might be all you need from us. 
  • Or maybe just a one page starter website. 
  • Help sprucing up a company facebook pg. 
  • Optimization of an existing website for the phone and/or for search engines.  

These are just some of the things we have done and can do. Check out our portfolio, or the bottom of our process page to see some examples.



We design, focused on form, and function. We have had the opportuntity to work with some of the best marketers, promotions experts, and business strategists, and we have learned a great deal about getting measurable results with design.  We have a process honed over the years, to make our products especially excellent, and effective.

But we look at the big picture too. not just this goal. not just this project. Life work balance. Diet and exercise. Relationships. People.  
'success' can be so one track, and workaholism, even in one's chosen field, is a problem.  This is your life!  

People's lives. It's hugely important. And we wouldn't offer to help, except that we have a track record of success,  And we are good.  Very good.  And it is so satisfying to make a difference.  

and then, making money.  we help people do that.  is that bad? no. it's so important. to pay the bills. to have a home.  to have some peace of mind. with one's career success in one's chosen field. Money - Good.  Goals - great.   But, again, we look at The Big Picture, too. and see.  
Not everything is so linear, see? 


What can we do for you?

or, better question -- "Would you like some tea?"

It would be nice to meet you.  Contact us to set up at time and place!

We're here for you!







Introducing our Team:




Rima D. McCabe

Internet Professional with more than 25 years of online and offline design experience.
She's been running this company for the past 25 years. If you want to see the work,  check out the porfolio. For a limited time only, we've got alot of  work up, in chronological order. portfolio and case studies

Ms. McCabe wears some hats at webbedfeetdesign.com, including Art Director, and CFO, Artist, Designer, Consultant.  She's also sometimes called: Managing Director, Chief Visionary, and Boss Lady. And this little white one that looks like a baby's. It's fly.

Early job, candy striping in the local nursing home. Her love for people and for healing became evident when she volunteered in the Wyler Childrens Hospital with the infants and toddlers (picture in the paper for that!),while a freshman at the Universitey of Chicago. After transferring to Art School, she Interned at Skidmore Owings and Merrill Foundation, as assistant to the Director, two summers.  Between schools, she worked a year as an Account Executive at Booke and Company, a small branch office of a NY PR firm, overseeing all graphic design done, researching and writing press releases, some published, for several accounts.


At the School of The Art Institute of Chicago, she studied watercolor painting and artists bookmaking. She designed shoes which were showcased in the prestigious year end fashion show.  (Little did she know at that time, that it was design that would become her career, and her life's work.) Prior to that she studied theoretical math and liberal arts at University of Chicago, where she lettered in Cross Country, and was a Tupperware Dealer.


Her first job out of school was a month at the grand opening of Filene's Basement in Chicago, where she bought some of her first suits for her first big job, on software design and development team at Price Waterhouse Tax Technology Group.  She later managed 9 staff ordering books for the University of Chicago Library in all european languages and helped them go through the extensive RFP process to choose their new cataologing system.  Before starting Webbed Feet Design in 1995.


She designed business and science sites at Millenia Internet, medical and financial websites at World Wide Access, and later, created an offers site with the Internet services team, for zillions of top brands as Webmaster at the direct marketing giant Metromail Corporation, and Interface Designer for Experian.  When they needed additional support, she was asked to recommend outside firms, and she chose companies she had previously interviewed with, who had made a good impression on her: including Neoglyphics, Leo Burnett's Giant Step, True North, and others.   While she was in charge of the design overhaul of the consumer offers-registration website, the agency contributed, and the marketing, technical and executive in house teammembers collaborated.  By making a site that appealed to the consumers, she pleased the potential sponsors, higher ups, and all the others that weighed in with opinions. Ad Age gave the project a positive review, and sponsors joined who had previously declined. Working so closely with high end strategic marketing professionals was an incredible experience.   The numbers were tracked and showed our success.
They sent her to San Francisco to learn a then new content management system Broadvision, 1997 (similar to wordpress now!) and went to San Diego to attend apivotal HOW Design Conference on the Care and Feeding of Creative People. And came back to Webbed Feet Design to create an official Art Director position to support the role of the Designers and Developers.  You can see the story on our portfolio - case studies page, if you're insterersted in seeing what we made and learning about the results.

Other career highlights?  She was on a panel at Kellogg School of Business, Magic Beanstalk 101, speaking about entrepreneurship. (Extremely shy and not good at presentations, this was a huge accomplishment for her!)  She later consulted at The Field Museum on choosing a web design firm and the proposal review process. Oh, yes, and then there was the time the Head of the Wu Family flew down from Toronto to meet her, because of the Wu Tai Chi website.   And he gave her 3 videos, of his Aunt and other relatives, to continue her study.  What an honor.
(She studied Tai Chi in 1992 and practices this, and drawing, regularly. She's currently teaching basic Tai Chi at Northwestern Medicine twice a week.)  Showing her Jazz Drawings series at the Three Corners was also thrilling!......Go to top 13. Jazz Drawings


Hannah J. Frank

Over 5 years of experience. An engineer by night and music publicist by day, Hannah is a renaissance woman in her own right, excelling at fine art as well as design, and she has a great love for writing.  She is a talented musician, playing recently at House of Blues and many other venues, a songwriter and singer well worth listening to. A few of Hannah's albums for sale online 

She comes to Webbed Feet Design with 8 years of experience at OnAxis Music Promotion. More recently she's lended her talents to Allen's School of Jazz, and some other online and off line projects.  Expert at posters and flyers, websites and blogs, she's been a key player on the Webbed Feet Design team for many years, as writer, as Client Co-ordinator, and more recently, as Co-Designer.  We are thrilled to welcome Ms. Frank to our Design Team. Go to top 4. hannah frank


John W. Peters

We are lucky to have a wonderful Intern, John W. Peters, who's a music composer, sound designer, photographer, videographer and strategist, here at Webbed Feet Design.   He was Live Bassist for our Tai Chi classes at The Cup House in December 2016, under his stage name: Prism Blue. John has been with the company for the past 2 years. He answers the studio phone.  You can see more about John on the portfolio page, He's also a client...  Go to top 3. prism blue






quick links to 

a few of our larger projects:

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click here 11. ellis clark

click here 12. sadia

our portfolio is chronological, and includes alot more.

We can send you relevant samples, related to YOUR project, just contact us!






small businesses and entrepreneurs 
Stone Specialists (IL)
Carry Me Close (IL)
Jefferson Woodworks (IL)
Allen Brothers (IL)
The Cosmetics Factory 
Bracelets for Moms (MO)
Custom Window Lights (IL)
Jefferson Woodworks (IL)
Cavalier Antique Lighting (IL)
DKC Marketing & Design Communications (IL)
Design Collaboratives (IL)
SwURL Multimedia (IL)
The Brain Train (WI)
The Woodley Group (DC)
Generations - speakers (CA)
WPInow - facilities management (CA)
Metro Chicago Security (IL)
Sherlock-Inc (IL)
Carry Me Close (IL)
Abe's Appraisals (IL)
Black Box (IL)
The Cup House (IL)

Massage Therapy (IL)

Meadow View Orchard (PA)
Wilson Yards (IL)
Natural Incense (IL)


Sysmex blood analyzing machines(IL)
Asico eye surgical tools (IL)
NAVS  National Anti-Vivisection Society (IL)
Orbis Broadcasting America's Housecall Network, Nuclear Medicine (IL)
Northwestern Medicine (IL)
Anthony Fieder (IL)

Presence Health (IL)

Wizard Trading (IN)
Novus Financial Discover (IL)
Gorman CPA (IL)


Member Direct TV (VA)
InFRE.org International Foundation for Retirement Education (VA)
CBRsource.com education for real estate professionals (VA)
Francis-Noël Thomas, academic (IL)
Working English – workplace ESL training (NE)
The Wu Style Tai Ji Quan website and book 



promotion marketing
Mill House McCabe Sales Promotions (MA)
and clients:
Gillette, Hasbro, Dunkin' Donuts, Victoria's Secret


direct marketing
Metromail Corporation (IL)
Experian (IL)
project sponsors: 
Whirlpool, AT&T, NY Times, Better Homes and Gardens, Disney, Wired, Eddie Bauer, Yahoo, American Baby, American Express, Biosun, California Car Company, Carnation, Cendant Travel, Citibank, Colonial Penn, Condenast, Daniel Publishing, Disney Online, Disney Publishing, Domestications, Eddie Bauer, Fairchild Publications, Faithmountain, Freebies, Fujifilm, Gardening Made Easy, Grolier, Harvard Business Review, Hello Direct, JCREW, Lanebryant, Lifefitness, MBA Central, Meredith Publishing, Jane, Music Marketing Network, N2K, Music Blvd., The New York Times, Nightingale Conant, Procter & Gamble, Oil of Olay, OmahaSteaks, Rodale Press, Signature Group,Times Mirror, Steinroe Young Investor, The New England, Worth, Wired, Ziff Davis, Yahoo!


consumer goods
Allen Brothers (IL)
CR Tents (MS)
The Cosmetics Factory (NY)
Bracelets for Moms (MO)
Custom Window Lights (IL)
Carry Me Close (IL)


Metro Chicago Security (IL)
Sherlock-Inc (IL)
CivilShield (CA)


cultural groups
Sons and Daughters of Italy in America (IL)
African Art, Cassiopeia Fine Art (IL)
Wu Tai Chi 


strategists and business consultants
The Brain Train (WI)
The Woodley Group (DC)
Generations - speakers (CA)
WPInow - facilities management (CA)


DKC Marketing & Design Communications (IL)
Design Collaboratives (IL)
mc2 communication design consortium (IL)


new products and inventions
Louisa Poole Merry Day Tarot (MA)
Custom Window Lights (IL)
Wu Tai Chi Accordion Flip Books (IL)


Green Bear Footwear & Repair


record labels and music promoters
On Axis music promotion and journalism (IL)
Chicago Acoustic Underground (IL)
Superhero Audio (IL)


musicians and bands
The Prowlers (IL)
Vonic (IL)
Number 9 Recording Studio (IL)

Incidental Design (IL)
Ravenslake Music Production (IL)
Hannah Frank Trio (IL)
Prism Blue (IL)
Ellis Clark (IL)
Cleemann (Copenhagen)
Barrett's Hidden Agenda (IL) 
Beacon James (MN)
The Amazing Heeby Jeebies (IL)


art galleries and artists
Artnex, with Design Collaboratives (CA)
Cassiopeia Fine Art (IL)
Louisa Poole Merry Day Tarot (MA)
Linda Cohn (IL)
Beachglassmoments (MA)

Regina Gately (IL)
Ary Paloma Jeebie (IL)

Lady Heather Hall (IL)


The Field Museum (IL)


internet service providers and computing
Millenia Internet (IL)
Zznet (IL)
WWA World Wide Access (IL)
Aplus.net (CA)
The Meme Factory (IL)
CompTIA  Computing Technology Industry Association (IL)



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