One of our first websites showed how we could use the web to teach something.  
We have been selling our handmade books on this site since 1995.
It happens to be a site about the art of Tai Chi.  

Applying Tai Chi principles in our art and design, we have done well.  A number of years ago we started teaching Tai Chi professionally, as well.



"Any good martial artist can teach a person self defense. I aspire to provide students with a lot more than a self defense system. The arts can be used to transform your entire being."  --  Lester Holmes, Tai Chi Connection


We currently teach basics of the 108 move Wu Style Tai Chi Form twice a week, at Northwestern Memorial Hospital's Stone Clinic, on Ontario Street, in downtown Chicago, Illinois, USA.  It will be 3 yrs in September.  And we produce Tai Chi books and materials for our students, and for Tai Chi practicioners and collectors worldwide. Previously we taught at the Sunrise Assisted Living, and then at Presence Health-now Amita and several other places.  It's a nice balance to sitting at a computer designing websites.  Helping people heal is riveting.  Doing a little bit better -- each day, on their own... taking steps in the right direction.   




online tai chi instruction

includes simple, clear instruction, showcasing the diagrams used by the founder of Wu Tai Chi, an instructors list on all continents. There is also a complete list of the moves in the 108 Wu style form. This was one of our first websites! 


accordion style tai chi books

 $150 covered,  $60 uncovered

The complete 108 move Wu style tai chi form, in a pocket book
We've sold our handmade books to people in China, Canada, Switzerland, USA, Australia
index card sized, 3x5, 2"thick - a great gift for a valued instructor! -  click here




This is just ONE example. of what we do here at Webbed Feet Design.   Last year we created a wordpress woocommerce site for a client, selling her original products online,  just as we sold our tai chi books, from '95 on, all over the world.   Several years back we put brand name offers on line for a large corporation, just like we sold our books, well different, but the same.

Would you like YOUR dream to take off?  

You'll do some of the work yourself, and by hiring  us, you can maximize your chances of success. 



Webbed Feet Design Education's lead instructor Julie McCabe teaches Tai Chi at a Northwestern Memorial Hospital Clinic in downtown Chicago.  
Wed and Thurs. Starting the fourth year.

"What a rush to help people heal from a whole assortment of chronic and 'incurable conditions. Self heal."


links to tai chi articles and videos

NEW!  FB page of information from Tai Chi instructors and Classic sources all over the word.

Updated currently. Includes links to articles and videos. click here  $0, free!



mini accordion folded first 8 moves

 leave behinds. accordion fold first 8 moves.  with website address and instructor contact info.  each student gets one free, in class.


tai chi instruction diagrams

12 week session. 1 or 1.5 hr  per class.  

(We also make lesson plans, social media announcements, lists of moves, etc, as needed.) 



music to accompany tai chi classes and demonstrations

our sound designer created some tunes especially for our classes at the sunrise assisted living, presence health, and northwestern medicine.  He also played live for us at our month of classes at the Cup House.  We've used the music for classes and yearly demonstrations at Northwestern for their clinicians and patients.. click here  $ ask for custom work for your class or project!



tai chi instruction

12 week session. 1 or 1.5 hr  per class.  

Our Tai Chi instructor is available to come to your location - school, senior center, chiropractic office, assisted living, hospital, church, community center, or  in a park or health club. - in the Chicagoland area. She is currently teaching at Northwestern Memorial Hospital's Stone Clinic, on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Private instruction is also available! (see below to contact us)





















Our Tai Chi class' field trip to the Art Institute of Chicago last summer!


(Our parent company Webbed Feet Design has a membership and can bring 3 additional people.  Want to join us sometime? contact us!)





chinese bronze vessels exhibit
spring 2018
from the exhibition catalog.



We also sometimes practise the form around the corner, on Ontario St Beach.


Our current students:

Fall 2019 class roster









This is a multilevels class.

Sitters are welcome!

Each class we will learn ONE additional move for those who wish to memorize the form sequentially.

Everyone is welcome to just copy and follow.
Since everyone learns differently, we do the entire form each class.
Just going through the motions is valuable for strength building and gaining familiarity with the moves and the sequence.
You don't -have- to know it all by heart to get the benefits of doing it!

They are very small steps, baby steps, but going in the right direction, towards health. Towards vitality.  Towards getting the mind and the body. The right side and the left side. The inside and the outside of a person,  better. 



Fall 2019

Focus for tai chi classes
12 weeks  - sept, oct, nov 


  1 learn to bow, 1st move.  Three ways. 8x is one min a day 

 2 1st 3 moves, closing move

 3 1st 8 moves, closing move

 4 1st section – walks

 4 2nd section – kicks

 5 cloud hands

 6 3rd section – golden rooster

 7 4th section – crescent kick

 8 5th section – ending

 9 push hands   bow in ___bow out

 10 repulse monkey, wild horse parts mane or other section

 11 1st 8 moves, closing move

 12 1st move



 Structure of each class

15 mins for tea in the waiting room
- discuss Tai Chi, watch videos if any, then.
Start on time

Bow at door – to dojo

Move furniture

Bow in





The form. 12-20 mins, 1 min stillness, rub face

Any questions, scheduled focus (above)

Twisting sit

Bow out 

Move furniture back 

Bow at door to dojo

End 5 mins early


(Wall sit -3mins- and stretching, we usually fit in on Wednesdays.)

NOTE: week of Thanksgiving we will NOT have class either day.






Hi students,



Links to supplementary videos


Here are all the videos and links I have sent to you so far,
all on one page.

For the videos here, if you want to look at them,
just focus on the first 3-5 mins of each. 
This is all OPTIONAL.  Just come to class and do tai chi with us!

I'll bring a laptop so students without internet access can also view these materials.




WEEK ONE 9-11 AND 9-12)
page of videos, diagrams I draw in class, etc

WEEK TWO (9-18 AND 9-19)
this is my tai chi website
it works best on computer   not as well on phones
the pictures of the first eight moves are there   and a list of moves for the 108 move form
here is the video of Grandmaster Wu Yen Xia performing the form we are studying in class.
her nephew Eddie Wu, is now in charge of the Wu Federation in Toronto. I met him once, and he gave me this video, years before youtube.  He does a wheelchair version of this form too. 
picture lower right, shows how hands are when bowing. right fist, left covers fist.

WEEK THREE (9-25 AND 9-26)
Cheng Man Ching
Flow! - not the form we are doing
very clear step by step, with narration explaining each move -- this is the form we are doing
 the alignment is excellent in this, the weight shifts are nice and clear

WEEK FOUR  (10-2 AND 10-3)  (first 2 mins only)
Brush Knee and Twist Step   notice his hips!  they are facing the camera, then they move to face right.
Push Hands demonstration  - notice one pushes and one yields, the arms are relaxed and making circles  (this is advanced, but we are now working on 'stir soup' which is actually 'push hands', which is move 6  in the form we are learning.    Just so you get the idea.

here is a picture of a group doing tai chi.  notice the instructor/leader stands in the front and the others stand in rows behind him, doing all the movements at the same time, together.
this is just funny
(but it also shows the weight shifting very clearly!)



Part the wild horse's mane the move we worked on last class here is a picture of how it can be use
click on the picture to make it larger






and everyone has a mini-accordion book of the first 8 moves!



The results have been truly miraculous.   One formerly sedentary student lost over 65 lbs.  Another student's knees always hurt and now don't.  Some report unleashed creativity.  My ms patient improved her balance and could stand on one leg, turn gracefully, and walk without her walker.  Arthritis sufferer said the pain went away from just one class.  We get students from the Ability Lab, with fibermyalgia, and stroke survivors who are using tai chi to rehabilitate.   Actually at one point I had 4 stroke survivors in my class.  One just wanted to improve her coordination, as the stroke had left her not so sure.  Others are unsure of their balance and just improving their leg strength a bit makes a big difference in their confidence.  The results are tangible.  --  And, the bulk of the work we do, is INTERNAL.  so joints, ligaments, alignment, and focus, balance, life force, energy, memory, and emptying the mind.  consciousness. that's part of it too.  Shhh, too many words!  let's do tai chi!  




This is the tree where we used to study Wu Style with Mr. Chung Tang, from Hong Kong. 1992-1996






The first 8.

opening move   -- raise hands  --- strum the lute   -----stir soup --- sit back---  grasp sparrow's tail -------------  single whip --- opening move

a string of pearls






Your assignment for next week..

If you can, just do the opening move we've been working on it class
8 times each day, at the same time each day. 
That is the best. 
That will take one minute.
Raise your arms as you breathe in,
bring them into your chest as you breathe out,
push down as you breathe in,
bring your hands to your sides and sink as you breathe out.












Want one of our Tai Chi instructors
to come to your location
and teach your people?



We've taught at Assisted Living, Health Drop-In Centers, Hospital Clinic, Massage Therapy, and more.   
Sitting &/or standing classes available.  Usually done in 12 week sessions, but structure is flexible. Private classes are also possible.


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"Cherry Bossoms, 2017"
greeting card by one of the artists and Tai Chi practicioners at Webbed Feet Design.  
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