Webbed Feet Design - education  is a Wellness Company.


  • We run a Food and Beverage Blog called Eggs to Apples.  Fuel it up!  is the slogan.
    It's based on our Research project, started in 2003. more info
  • We teach the ancient Art of Tai Chi, for healing the mind and body.  Wu Style 108 move form. Multi-levels classes.  We usually teach group classes at medical and health centers, at our client's location  -- currently at NW Medicine’s Stone Clinic in Downtown Chicago, twice a week.

online tai chi instruction


includes simple, clear instruction, showcasing the diagrams used by the founder of Wu Tai Chi, an instructors list on all continents. There is also a complete list of the moves in the 108 Wu style form.click here for a list of the108 moves


accordion style tai chi books

 $150 covered,  $60 uncovered

The complete 108 move Wu style tai chi form, in a pocket book
We've sold our handmade books to people in China, Canada, Switzerland,Germany, USA, Australia
index card sized, 3x5, 2"thick - a great gift for a valued instructor! -  click here


11-2019    We have time to teach one  more  weekly class -- our Tai Chi Instructor may be able to come to your location (Chicagoland)
-- inquiries welcome!













our students
are getting great results

feeling better

and having fun doing it!



We met out here near Olive park and Ontario St beach  a few classes, in the spring and summer.


The results have been truly astounding.  

  • One formerly sedentary student lost over 65 lbs. Tai Chi got him started.
  • Another student's knees always hurt and now don't.  (!)  
  • Two of my students are taking less medication now.
  • Transformation of life force and creative flow.    
  • My MS patient improved her balance and could stand on one leg, turn gracefully, and walk without her walker.
  • Arthritis sufferer said the pain went away from just one class.
  • Some report unleashed creativity.  
  • We get students from the Ability Lab, with fibermyalgia, and stroke survivors who are using Tai Chi to rehabilitate.   Actually at one point I had 4 stroke survivors in my class.  One just wanted to improve her coordination, as multiple mini-strokes had left her not so sure.  
  • Others are afraid of falling, and just improving their leg strength a bit makes a big difference in their balance and stabilty.    
  • Applying Tai Chi principles -- able to stand up to people and hold her own ground without getting upset.
  • Able to bring things full circle in other areas of life. 
  • Able to be centered amidst outer chaos, or inner turmoil.
  • Comraderie in class makes it fun ..
    ...and a great place to network, just like college, sometimes make work connections and lifelong friends











Want one of our Tai Chi instructors
to come to your location
and teach your people?



We've taught at Assisted Living, Health Drop-In Centers, Hospital Clinic, Massage Therapy/Cupping, other Kung Fu Classes, and more.   
Sitting &/or standing classes available.  Simplified, or standard Multi-levels format.  Usually done in 12 week sessions, but structure is flexible. 

Usual class  cost is $100/per class, for one instructor.    $1200 per 12 week session.  discounts available 
Sitting class format is also available.
Private classes, also possible.  Usual cost is $100/per class.  discounts available