Our company helps make healthy people through education.


We teach the ancient Art of Tai Chi, for healing and repairing the mind and body.  Wu Style 108 move form. Multi-levels classes.  We usually teach group classes at medical and health centers, at our client's location.



accordion style tai chi books

 $150 covered,  $60 uncovered

The complete 108 move Wu style tai chi form, in a pocket book
We've sold our handmade books to people in China, Canada, Switzerland,Germany, USA, Australia
index card sized, 3x5, 2"thick
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Like feeding a goldfish, one tiny flake a day, we focus on memorizing just one new move each class.  
Then after  12 weeks, everyone can do the first 8 moves,
 and has a khada to do daily the rest of his or her life, if desired.
You really don't want to over feed your goldfish!







online tai chi instruction. our Tai Chi website


includes simple, clear instruction, showcasing the diagrams used by the founder of Wu Tai Chi, an instructors list on all continents. There is also a complete list of the moves in the 108 Wu style form.








Want one of our Tai Chi instructors
to come to your location
and teach your people?   





We've taught at Assisted Living, Health Drop-In Centers, Hospital Clinic, Massage Therapy/Cupping, other Kung Fu Classes, and more.   
Sitting &/or standing classes available.  Simplified, or standard Multi-levels format.  Usually done in 12 week sessions, but structure is flexible. 




We have taught Wu Style Tai Ji Quan long form (108 moves) at the following locations:

Northwestern Medicine  - over 3 yrs 

Assisted Living - 1 class, sitting

Presence Health - 1 yr 1 mo

The Cup House - 12 classes in 1 mo

Private 2 person and individual classes

The Sunrise Assisted Living - sitting - 1 yr

Zuberi's bagua class, University Church, Hyde Park - 3 mos

Tony's kung fu class  1993-


  inquiries welcome!






Our Program

Structure of each class

15 mins for tea in the waiting room -- discuss Tai Chi, (watch videos if any, then.)

Start on time

Bow at door – to dojo

Move furniture

Bow in





Do the whole form. 12-20 mins, 1 min stillness at end 
Rub face

Any questions, learn one more move.

Twisting sit

Bow out 

Move furniture back 

Bow at door to dojo

End 5 mins early








wu style 108 long form

1. Beginning form of Taijiquan
2. Raise Hands
3. Strum the Lute
7. Grasp the Bird's Tail
8. Single Whip
9. Oblique Single Whip
7. Raise Hands
8. White Crane Spreads Wings
9. Brush Knee Twist (Left and Right, Four Times)
10. Strum the Lute 
11. Step Forward, Parry and Punch
12. As If Closing a Door
13. Carry Tiger To Mountain
14. Cross Hands
15. Oblique Brush Knee Twist
16. Turn Body and Brush Knee Twist
17. Grasp the Bird's Tail
18. Single Whip (to right side)

19. Fist Under Elbow
20. Step Back & Repulse Monkey (Left and Right, Three Times)
21. Flying Oblique
22. Raise Hands
23. White Crane Spreads Wings
24. Brush Knee Twist
25. Needle at the Bottom of the Sea
26. Fan through the Back
27. Turn Body - Throw Fist
28. Step Back, Parry and Punch
29. Step Forward and Grasp the Bird's Tail
30. Single Whip
31. Cloud Arms
32. Single Whip


33. High Pat the Horse
34. Separate Right Foot
35. High Pat the Horse, Right
36. Separate Left Foot
37. Turn body and Strike with Heel
38. Brush Knee Twist (Two Times)
39. Step Forward and Punch Down
40. Turn Body - Through Fist
41. High Pat the Horse
42. Separate Left Hand
43. The First Raised Foot
44. Step Back To Form The Seven Stars
45. Step Back and Beat the Tiger
46. The Second Raised Foot
47. Strike Ears with Fists
48. Open Body and Strike with Toe
49. Turn Body and Strike with Heel
50. High Pat the Horse
51. Step Forward, Parry and Punch
52. As if Closing a Door
53. Carry Tiger to Mountain
54. Cross Hands
55. Oblique Brush Knee Twist
56. Turn Body and Brush Knee Twist
57. Grasp the Bird's Tail
58. Single Whip (to right side)

59. Strum the Lute
60. Wild Horse Parts Mane
61. Strum the Lute
62. Wild Horse parts mane (Left and Right, Three Times)
63. Strum the Lute
64. Wild Horse Parts Mane
65. Jade Girl Works at Shuttle
66. Strum the Lute
67. Wild Horse Parts Mane
68. Jade Girl Works at Shuttle
69. Grasp the Bird's Tail
70. Single Whip
71. Cloud Arms
72. Single Whip
73. Snake Creeps Down
74. Golden Rooster Stands on Left Leg
75. Golden Rooster Stands on Right Leg
76. Step Back and Repulse Monkey (Left and Right, Three Times)
77. Tansverse Flying Oblique
78. Raise Hands
79. White Crane Spreads Wings
80. Brush Knee Twist
81. Needle at the Bottom of the Sea
82. Fan Through the Back
83. Turn Body - Through Fist
84. Step Forward, Parry and Punch
85. Step Forward and Grasp the Bird's Tail
86. Single Whip
87. Cloud Arms
88. Single Whip
89. High Pat the Horse
90. Strike Face with Palm
91. Turn Body, Single Lotus Swing
92. Brush Knee Twist
93. Step Forward and Punch to Lower Abdomen
94. Step forward and Grasp the Bird's Tail
95. Single Whip

96. Snake Creeps Down
97. Step Forward and Form the Seven Stars
98. Step Back and Ride the Tiger
99. Turn Body and Strike Face with Palm
100. Turn Body - Double Lotus Swing
101. Draw Bow and Shoot Tiger
102. High Pat the Horse
103. Strike Face with Palm
104. Turn Body - Throw Fist
105. Step Forward and High Pat the Horse
106. Step Forward and Grasp the Bird's Tail
107. Single Whip
108. Conclusion of Taijiquan

mechanics - remembering the sequence. weight separation, correct joint alignment

flow - refined body alignment for continuous movement

chi and internal energy with breathing
about learning the form, from the Wu Federation website




example 1 THE SUNRISE ASSISTED LIVING assisted the Instructor.  Sundays ~ 2 yrs.

Our Lead Instructor, Julie assisted at an Assisted Living Tai Chi class for several years.. It was at The Sunrise Senior Living, on Sundays. 
All participants were seated.  This was the room

example 2 PRESENCE HEALTH (NOW AMITA). 1year and 1 month. 1 hour class 1x/ week  Presence Health Drop-In

(also Webbed Feet Design created a powerpoint presentation, this email blast, and some business cards for two of the supervisors at this drop-in center which addresses homelessness, addiction, and health of partipants)




example 3 THE CUP HOUSE. 12 classes in 1 month

Our Tai Chi popup at The Cup House, Dec. 2016  photos shown on this page




example 4.  UNIVERSITY CHURCH. 2 months

Led Wu 108 Tai Chi form at Zuberi's Bagua and technique class in Hyde Park Fall of 2018. reminded of the Hsing-i form.  Across from The Field House where I ran the indoor track for x country so long ago. University Church




example 5.  NORTHWESTERN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL STONE CLINIC. 3 years and 3 months.  once a week 1st half, twice a week 2nd half  Northwestern Memorial Hospital- Stone Clinic

This was the surprise party the students threw for the instructor!  While the class wasn't exactly a party every time, we did do our share of partying!  good memories.  Thanks guys!  and this is party of what inspired my food blog, Eggs to Apples, on facebook. ...that, and biking to class 8 miles each way.  had to figure out how to Fuel it UP, and all the icing wasn't doing it.


From biking 8 miles to and from class, I realized I really need to eat. protein, carbs, fruit.  
So I started a Food and Beverage Blog called Eggs to Apples.  Fuel it up!  is the slogan. 


It's based on our extensive identity Research project, started in 2003. 
Improve your quality of life by eating excellently, simply, colorfully, and healthily. customized to your taste, activities and personality.  


Improve your quality of life by eating excellently, simply, colorfully, and healthily. customized to your taste, activities and personality.  


The results from our Tai Chi classes have been truly astounding.  

  • One formerly sedentary student lost over 65 lbs. Tai Chi got him started.
  • Another student's knees always hurt and now don't.  (!)  
  • Two of my students are taking less medication now.
  • Transformation of life force and creative flow.    
  • My MS patient improved her balance and could stand on one leg, turn gracefully, and walk without her walker.
  • Arthritis sufferer said the pain went away from just one class.
  • Some report unleashed creativity.  Some find the abiltity to make creativity stop!
  • We get students from the Ability Lab, with fibermyalgia, and stroke survivors who are using Tai Chi to rehabilitate.   Actually at one point I had 4 stroke survivors in my class.  One just wanted to improve her coordination, as multiple mini-strokes had left her not so sure.  
  • Others are afraid of falling, and just improving their leg strength a bit makes a big difference in their balance and stabilty.    
  • Applying Tai Chi principles -- able to stand up to people and hold their own ground without getting upset.
  • Able to bring things full circle in other areas of life. 
  • Able to be centered amidst outer chaos, or inner turmoil.
  • Comraderie in class makes it even more fun ..
    ...and a great place to network, just like college, sometimes make work connections and lifelong friends






We plan to do Tai Chi daily in the park at Admudsen School  - Damen and Winnemac - just south of Foster - in Chicago northside, starting soooon.
  Come join us!  no charge.
6 feet apart!  no touching! 



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