Basically we do goal oriented design.

We have an excellent process that we came up with, and we use to get measurable results for our clients. It works really well.






 Here are a few examples:



We made these accordion style flip books and sold them off of our educational website, Switzerland, Australia, Germany, Canada, USA, and other places.  The site was very popular, won awards, and served as a great portfolio piece for us.

 Website for a small business owner selling imported baby carry scarves online.  Feature article in Chicago Tribune and started this company off.

"Webbed Feet Design was instrumental in my being successful (on a very small but important scale) in online retail 20 years ago, when it wasn’t that prevalent and PayPal was brand new! (Imagine that ; ) Carry Me Close, which was at the time 1 of perhaps 10-25 businesses (vs hundreds nowadays) nationwide dedicated to the sale of fair trade, hand woven wraparound carriers (#rebozos, #Tragetücher) and teaching ancient baby care & carrying techniques from all over the world in workshops, could’ve never gotten off the ground with the professional assistance.
May I say that Rima McCabe not only designed an easy to navigate and attractive webpage for a product and service which were not very well known until a few years later, she was also a very good listener and had a knack for intuiting what her clients needed. I received so many compliments on the site. Its beauty lay in its simplicity that focused on the product and the people that were going to use it. ... so many memories. Thanks ? again!"  -- the clien



Online branding for this art gallery, with stunning, powerful results. 

This business card was a real hit, several people said "I want one!" they loved our Art Directors' feet so much.  And two of those later joined our team! one sales and one programmer




The Sysmex site sold a new blood analyzing machine to Johns Hopkins, within the first month up!





From the projects we did for the sales promotions company, a laptop presentation with promotional concepts for Gillette and ty-ins with other products. 

This was a mailer we created about their work for Dunkin' Donuts
they got three new clients (hundreds of thousands of dollars) from this mailing!







from the web design projects we did for Metromail and Experian, a number of years ago. utilized a content management system called BroadVision.   this was written up in Ad Age!

After our redesign, a lot of big brand name sponsors joined!  these were some of the offer icons we designed for them.

From the web design projects we did for the Computing Technology Industry Association CompTIA,  we beat out ad agency Ogilvy and Mather for this account, and worked closely with their inhouse team to redesign their corporate site so that the visitor could get to their destination in 3 clicks or less





The projects we did for this entrepreneur, a woodworker, business cards and website and forms and portfolio. He was able to successfully bid more for his work! 






resumes & portfolios

 From the web site porftolio we did with this artist, getting her a grant, a job teaching at the school or the art institute.

We started working with this entrepreneur on their branding and kept doing more projects for them over the years. Check them out!


 Each year we work with this artist client on holiday cards, that get them new business for  the new year. We've also helped with online art sales.

 For the Field  Museum our CEO consulted on how to choose a web design firm.  Then we went on site and did several projects. including a stationary, brocures, maps, and a logo for 'The Green Ambassadors' they still use.

We've done photography, collaborated on websites,magnets, Image consulting, with this artist-singer song writer. She also worked for a record label and we did work for numerous musicians and producers.  tools include Wordpress, html5, Dreamweaver, etc. Buy her record!

designed this site years ago and more recently converted it wordpress to work better in phones. 








This is a  wordpress Woocommerce shopping cart that we created in collaboration with our cards artist and programmer clients. They later made a sleek php version which launched a few months ago. May of 2020. and their decks of medieval playing cards are selling like hotcakes!







More recently we began to teach Tai Chi live, (!) on site, at several healthcare facilities: Northwestern Memorial Hospital Clinic 3 yrs 2x/week, Amita Health- Clinic 1 yr 1x/week, and The Cup House 1 month 3x/week.  We did all promotion for the classes, including posters, and served tea prior to classes.Check out our facebook education page 'about' for the results!   Webbed Feet Design education (fb) 






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