"In just seven days, I can make you a man." - sang Tim Curry in Rocky Horror Picture Show.  In these days of robots and Stepford wives, it can be trickier than ever to - be human.  And to be who you are, who you were born to be.  And evolve.  ...But the benefits are astounding.  Health. Wealth. Happiness.  A sense of purpose.  Energy. Joy.   

Dragon - dec. 2016

Created this homepage design during our month of Tai Chi at the Cup House.  We taught 108 move Wu form 3 days a week for a month.  You can see Bruce Lee's Dragon video in this painting. We had bass music and tea with lemon scones.

After Charles Demuth (American 1883-1935)


 Tiger - feb. - june 2017

These coupons were cashed in  for programming, consulting, and web design work.  It was fun to print money. One big new contract for a wordpress shopping cart!  
Our company goldfish Biggy Small, is good luck.  


Inspired by Henri Matisse (1869 – 1954 French)



WordPress WooCommerce Card Gallery, coming soon!

left hand - frog - art director - aug. 2017

In August we had a company brunch, with eggs, sausages, fruit, orange marmalade and english muffins, and coffee, and tea.  (our photographer, not shown).


inspired by chinese tea customs and childrens books with scones marmalade and tea  AAMilne



right hand - frog - designer july 2017-dec.

In June we celebrated the owner's father's 75th birthday, and took a trip to visit him and his wife in CT.  This is an excerpt from the painting she did at the Connecticut River.  

22"x31" Unfinished.  


Inspired by Ogata Kōrin (Japanese, 1658–1716)



What if instead of tracking the exercise you do or don't do, your watch gave you a map. Of what's yours, what's not, making it easier to just do what you love to do, what you wanted to do anyway?  oh, yeah. and just told the damn time.  Clearly and accurately.

We design user interfaces.  And watch faces.  For people.  Webbed Feet Design - design for people.  
Welcome to our world!  heh heh. caugh, sputter, I mean, welcome! : >